Effective Treatments for Common Health Issues

Weight Loss
The proven most effective and stress-free method of losing excess weight is through controlling the appetite to limit food intake. Tens of thousands of people throughout the world have successfully been able to achieve and maintain their desired weight level with the use of appetite suppressants. Weight control is a balance between calorie intake and energy expenditure by exercise. Though it is up to you to exercise in a manner which suits your age and fitness, AcuSlim will assist to control excessive appetite. AcuSlim has been designed with specific treatment points and electronic output parameters to achieve results in appetite control.
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Facial Toning
Acupuncturists in many countries have, for more than ten years, been aware that stimulation of certain areas of the face has the effect of stimulating circulation, revitalizing skin, and toning muscles giving an effect of facial rejuvenation, in addition to a significant relaxing effect.

These treatment areas have been described in books such as Simple Health Maintenance, and many acupressure books. Stimulation of these areas has been carried out over the years by methods such as acupressure, which is virtually the method beauty treatments are utilizing in the form of facial massage, and various forms of electrical stimulation.

The most effective results appear to be obtained by methods which are able to locate these areas accurately and stimulate by means of a low frequency micro-current. Naturally the more frequently this is able to be carried out, the more obvious the improvement in facial appearance and the subsequent feeling of well-being.

A simple, cost effective, method of carrying out this treatment is with the self-treatment TENS stimulator ACU-PLUS. Such stimulation has been found to be relaxing, and stress plays a very large part in facial deterioration.
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Pain Relief
Good health largely depends on the balance of energies flowing within the body such as electrical and the vital energy of life, qi (chi) as described by the Chinese. By accurately locating and stimulating the energy points of the body you are restoring the body's vital energy flow. Acupuncture has been used for centuries to successfully treat the sick and injured. Now, based on these internationally accepted principles of acupuncture therapy, there is a treatment available to you and your family in your own home WITHOUT NEEDLES. It is a proven effective non drug treatment for the relief of pain caused by arthritis, neck and back pain, sciatica, sporting injuries and most other types of pain.
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Quit Smoking
If you think you've tried everything to quit smoking then you probably haven't tried ACU-Quit. By easily stimulating certain energy points in the ear that are recognised as effective in smoking cessation, ACU-Quit provides an easy an inexpensive solution to overcome a powerful addiction. Medical tests at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital show this device as one of the most effective methods of treating nicotine addiction available.
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