With the treatment pads in place, switch the ACU-SLIM on, using the treatment control, adjust the output to a comfortable level. Your treatment has now begun.

Slip the unit into your pocket or clip it onto your belt and carry on with your normal routine. ACU-SLIM will do the rest.

Control Your Appetite
- the Natural Way

AcuSlim is the 20th Century technology which offers natural appetite control without interrupting your lifestyle.

Tens of thousands of people throughout the world have successfully been able to achieve and maintain their desired weight level with the use of appetite suppressants. Weight control is a balance between calorie intake and energy expenditure by exercise.

AcuSlim will assist to control excessive appetite, it is up to you to exercise in a manner which suits your age and fitness.

AcuSlim has been designed with specific treatment points and electronic output parameters to achieve results in appetite control.

Developed by an Australian research team, AcuSlim allows you to lose and control appetite by stimulating specified receptive regions with mild controlled electronic pulses.

AcuSlim does not penetrate the skin, instead provides electronic stimulation via the adhesive treatment pads. Not only is this technique more convenient AcuSlim now puts a treatment for appetite control, in conjunction with the use of a low joule diet, within your reach.

AcuSlim is easy to use, simply apply the self adhesive treatment pads to the points indicated, adjust the electronic pulses to a comfortable level using the treatment control and carry on with your normal routine. AcuSlim will do the rest.

AcuSlim has been designed both in its application as well as its specific electronic output requirements for use in appetite control.

Regular use will minimise any withdrawal symptoms, normally associated with specific food withdrawal. Your desire to overeat will soon disappear.

ACU-SLIM assists appetite control by helping to:
Lessen your craving for excess food. Assist your stomach adapt to a lowered food intake. Reduce the desire to eat between meals. Lower stress levels.

Completely portable AcuSlim has been designed for use by the general public and professionals alike to allow natural treatment whenever and wherever it may be needed. The convenience of the AcuSlim allows it to be used whenever need arises, at work, at home day or night, anywhere, anytime.

ACU-SLIM results:

The AcuSlim unit has recently received a lot of national press coverage due to successful university trials.

Excellent double-blind trials published in the "Australian Family Physician", "Reason" research supplement July 1997.
A summary of the trials follows.

Stimulation of Auricular Acupuncture Points in Weight Loss
Dean Richards, John Marley

  • Dean Richards, MBBS, MDMA is in private medical acupuncture practice, South Australia
  • John Marley MD, MBChB is Professor, Department of General Practice, The University of Adelaide, South Australia

Objective - Many overweight people are aware that diets can help with weight loss but have difficulty in suppressing their appetite. Acupuncture stimulates the auricular branch of the Vagal nerve and raises serotonin levels, both of which have been shown to increase tone in the smooth muscle of the stomach, thus suppressing appetite.
The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation of specific auricular acupuncture points on appetite suppression.
Methods - Sixty overweight subjects, randomly divided into an active and a control group, used the AcuSlim device twice daily for four weeks. The active group attached the AcuSlim to the acupuncture ear points Shenmen and stomach, whereas the control group attached the device to their thumb where there are no acupuncture points. The goal of a 2kg weight loss was set and changes in appetite and weight were reported for four weeks.
Results - Of those who responded, 95% of the active group noticed suppression of appetite, whereas none of the control group noticed such a change. None of the control group lost the required 2kg, with only four subjects losing any weight at all. Both the number of subjects who lost weight and the mean weight loss were significantly higher in the active group.
Conclusion - Frequent stimulation of specific auricular acupuncture points is an effective method of appetite suppression, which leads to weight loss.

Received 18 April 1997; accepted 21 November 1997

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