The positive effects of acupuncture have been known for centuries. Developed and practiced by the Chinese, acupuncture was taken to France and Europe by the Jesuit Missionaries on return from China.

Subsequent development differed between East and West with some terminology differing, but what remained remarkably constant was the situation of acupuncture points and meridians.

The main acupuncture system is the standard body system but, over the years, systems of ear; foot, hand and scalp acupuncture have developed also.

Over the ages methods of stimulating acupuncture points have evolved from the earliest use of a stone hammer to strike the points to various types of needles, heat stimulation with Moxa, acupressure, ultrasound, laser, and the modern electronic stimulation.

Since acupuncture points have been demonstrated to lie on the skin, and a nuclear medicine research team in Paris has shown the existence of the acupuncture meridians along the skin, in the exact position as claimed by the Chinese in early times, modern medicine is paying more attention to the potential of acupuncture as a serious method of health control.

Acupuncture points have been demonstrated to be minute areas on the surface of the skin which have a larger concentration of nerve endings and thus a lowered electrical resistance to the surrounding skin, and this has allowed these points to be accurately detected by electronic potentiometers.

Because the intake of electrical energy at these points is transmitted along the energy pathways, or meridians, it seems logical that the most effective method of stimulating acupuncture points is by electrical means.

Also, since the acupuncture points are on the surface of the skin there is now no need to penetrate the skin, and it is being demonstrated that, in fact, transcutaneous electrical stimulation of accurately located acupuncture points is more effective.

Why Acupuncture Works
Modern research has established a scientific basis for the effects of acupuncture. It has been shown that acupuncture is effective in the production of the pain relieving, relaxing endorphins which control pain. Articles have established that acupuncture raises serotonin levels, the deficiency of which allows the histaminic effects of allergy problems.

With rising health costs, the increasing adverse reactions to drugs, such a simple device, able to be used at home on a frequent, low cost basis is rapidly becoming popular throughout the world as a exceptional basis for controlling pain.

ACU-PLUS Development
In 1985, Dr Dean Richards developed what was one of the first effective hand held units which both detected points then without moving the unit from the point, stimulated them electronically.

Following 20 years extensive acupuncture study, Dr Richards wrote a manual which described by diagrammatic and written means, the location of what are the most effective group of points for a variety of conditions.

The manual and device were progressively upgraded, until, at present, they form part of a comprehensive kit, comprising the manual "Simple Health Maintenance", and the state of the art device, "ACUPLUS". This kit, so simple to use by practitioners and public alike, and not involving skin penetration has proven so popular that the basic book has been translated into eight languages and the kit being exported to countries including South Africa, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, U.S.A. (with F.D.A. approval) etc.

Suffice to say, the book, and the original self-treatment device have sold over a hundred thousand copies internationally, with exceptionally pleasing testimonials.

Features and Use Of ACU-PLUS
The ACUPLUS has a remote earth strap to attach to wrist or ankle, a remote probe for point location and treatment, and, the pocket sized stimulator itself, which, run on 4 x AA batteries, has a sensitivity dial for varying skin resistances, a tonify-disperse switch to reverse the current where tonifying or dispersing as required as indicated by the manual, a treatment button incorporating a 45 second automatic treatment timer, and a very wide range intensity dial to cope with varying skin resistances.

There are treatment programs in the manual for 200 common conditions including all pain problems, joints pain, arthritis, sporting injuries, allergies, sinus, headache, menstrual pain, bowel problems, stress, insomnia, M.E., concentration and attention, health maintenance etc, with a section on beauty therapy with face toning and a comprehensive veterinary section.

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