ACU-Plus is a handheld instrument which, like acupuncture, restores the balance of energies within the body through the electronic stimulation of these energy points - it does not penetrate the skin. It is a personal, easy to use acupuncture energy point stimulator that is a natural therapy for the temporary relief from pain and minor illnesses including arthritis, back and neck pain, headaches, cramps, stress and for toning facial muscle.

How does it work?
Based on the principles of acupuncture, ACUPLUS works by accurately locating the energy points of the body.

ACU-Plus automatically stimulates these points thereby restoring the body's vital energy flow. Good health largely depends on the balance of energies flowing within the body such as electrical and the vital energy of life, Qi (Chi) as described by the Chinese. The ACUPLUS unit uses low frequency micro currents to stimulate critical areas.

Easy to use
Simply place the device on your lap, in your pocket or on a desk, attach the wrist band and you are free to locate and treat the various energy points. Additional improvements in this state-of-the-art device over previous instruments are the benefits of an automatic timer and an intensity control, allowing you to select the exact stimulus which is comfortable for your particular skin.

Effective Treatment for...
Back Pain • Cramp • Arthritis • Colds and Flu • Sinus Pain • Ear Ache • Shoulder Pain • Menstrual Pain • Headache • Toothache • Carpel Tunnel • Hay Fever • Knee Pain • Stress • Rheumatic Pain • Neck Pain • Hip Pain • Sporting Injuries • Sciatica • Migraine • Tennis Elbow • and almost 200 other complaints

Facial Toning
Help to prevent the onset of wrinkles by maintaining relaxation in specific treatment areas. A common cause of wrinkles is muscle interaction in expressions, such as frown lines between the eyes, crows feet from squinting and tightening the eye muscles, upper lip wrinkles from pursing the lips when cross and upset, or from excessive smoking when stressed. However, the basic effect of ACU-Plus Tens stimulation is in skin toning, with muscle relaxation being a side benefit.

International Acclaim
Dr. Dean Richards Based on internationally accepted principles of acupuncture therapy, ACUPLUS is a major advancement in the treatment of pain and minor illnesses from sinusitis to temporary relief of rheumatic pain. It is the most recent of five such devices developed by prominent medical practitioner and acupuncturist Dr. Dean Richards and incorporates all the improvements researched over 40 years of medicine and 15 years of acupuncture experience.